Spotbux4u new ptc 3Yr Subscription…No Investment Needed for Cashout



Welcome to SpotBux4u. We are not here to SPAM. So, feel free to join and earn some money. Let’s get started.. Shall we???

We are in pre-launch and will officially launch on 21-July-2011. We have planned exciting contests during the pre-launch. Checkout the forum for more details

Our Paid-To-SignUp Offers are live. You can participate in them right now and get paid directly to your AlertPay / PayPal accounts. Check forum for more details.

First 10,000 members will be upgraded to premium membership, instantly

Earn Upto 0.02$ per click…
Earn Upto 0.01$ per referral click…
Instant Payments…
No Investment Needed for Cashout
3Yr Subscription…

Check out the “Publisher Contests” in the forum and make the most out of your membership.

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